Con sedi in Italia del Nord (Brescia)  e in Inghilterra centrale (Manton), grande esperienza alle spalle e un team cosmopolita su cui contare, LimeOnline ha tutte le carte in regola per essere uno studio di design (brand,grafica,web)  attivo e competente.

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Cicli Elios - UK


Cicli Elios snc (United Kingdom) –

Born in 1939 Roberto Ragona caught the passion for cycles from his father Sante who owned a small cycle repair shop From the age of 14 Roberto began work with his father and quickly discovered a flair for cycle repairs and selling of spare parts he slowly developed the idea of a real factory to assemble cycles. Cicli Elios!
As the years pass Roberto assumes control from his father in the management of a traditional company, by now modernised and with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. It's innate dynamism allows the company to maintain competitiveness and being alive to the needs of customers both at home and abroad.
The ongoing support of his wife Gabriella and his children Andrea and Nicola guarantees an in-house progression to a vibrant and successful future for the company.

What We Did:

  • Above the line marketing (Market research, Business plan, Sales network creation, PR, Mother toungue Assistance in loco)
  • Trade Fair Assistance in loco
  • Viral Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Uk Blog
  • Hosting
  • DEM Marketing
  • Graphic design Consultancy