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Ecolombardia 4

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Ecolombardia 4 - Ecodeco

In the language of Ecodeco System ® , a territory inhabited by consumers is a Secondary Energy Basin , continuously regenerated from waste arising from their consumption, but can not be used locally with efficiency , because generally small size . This limitation can be overcome by a new type of system , called Intelligent Transfer Stations (ITS ®) , which use the process to concentrate Biocubi ® ® amabilis in the energy of the residual fraction . The portability and stoccabilità of amabilis ® allows you to create an appropriate scale for central basins fed by numerous , even far away and placed at sites independent of the production of waste, allowing their integration with existing business ( Waste & Power System ®). The ITS ® are owned and operated by local companies who share in network services and systems to end-use of the system Ecodeco ® and in this way enhance their knowledge of the territory , achieving outstanding levels of quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Currently Ecodeco ® develops an intense R & D System Ecodeco ® in its territory , which includes some provinces of Lombardy and Piedmont , promotes the use of network system Ecodeco ® by Themes by public or private other territories in Italy or ' abroad, manages the network and all related activities .

At the end of 2007, the Ecodeco ® System is a set of proven success , concepts , procedures and methods , so as to require an innovative new language, which is now part of the world of waste. Thus ends the period of growth based solely on innovative development and begins a new period of expansion also dimensional. This new era begins with the aggregation in A2A AEM , ASM Brescia, AMSA and ECODECO ® , which generated the largest Italian group in the recovery of waste. The Group combines the activity of services for millions of people to a single structure to develop, design and implement systems and innovative technologies for the Group and for operators of other areas in Italy and abroad.

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