We are an experienced brand,graphic & web design studio based in northern Italy (Brescia) and central England (Manton), with a specialized cosmopolitan design workgroup.

We believe that listening,researching and passionately creating are the three key elements to your communication needs.

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Inoxmacel - Imastore

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Inoxmacel  – www.inoxmacel.com

client: Publiradio srl

Someone will offer you a product similar to ours… it’s not like ours. Each time it’s used, our product is called to a performance. It must not only have strength, elasticity and durability bestowed by selected materials of the highest quality; but must be designed, approved and certified for keeping in close and sustained contact with food. And last but by no means least ... they must be cool!
The design of objects that are for everyday use by you must make an important positive impression on the customers view of your business. And also to contribute to your daily pleasure in handling... These works of arts.

All these qualities cannot be copied.
All these qualities can be summed up in one concept:
MADE IN ITALY means the culture of quality.
MADE IN ITALY means top-design throughout
world. Not by chance MADE IN ITALY means...
a legend in the kitchen!

INOX MACEL products: a small, daily show. INOX MACEL shares the job of catering professionals from small accessories to the most important and conspicuous objects to be exhibited to the public.

Hooks, trays, Gastronorm range, ice cream, dishwasher racks, sinks, carts and New Generation.
In each specialty the best performance and style.

What We Did:

  • Below the line consultancy (Brochure - depliant - flyers)

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