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Jardin de lavande

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Jardin De Lavande - www.jardindelavande.com

Provencales Ecommerce

Provence ... Our story starts right from a trip to this wonderful land, the land where the colors are represented in the masterpieces of Cezanne, land of lavender, castles and stone, scents, fragrances and soaps and colorful markets, ground with a slower pace of life that can transmit Provencal in every action of daily life, in every detail of their environment. Jardin de lavande for us is a pristine corner of Provence, a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where you can awaken feeling lost, rediscover memories, rediscover the simple pleasures of life. The products available are inspired by the flavors of the past, our shop seduces with its timeless style transforming everyday environments where space is exciting and rich in taste with ornaments ... dressers, tables, cabinets, chairs, etagère . The naturalness of the tissues is expressed in our collections of tablecloths, bed sheets, quilts and pillows enhancing the harmonious interweaving of the fibers. Jardin de lavande offers a kit for the entire house and its environment, leaving slide plates, bowls, cups, jars, lamps, candles, laundry baskets, bath and kitchen. The crayons and scented fragrances fill the rooms with their scents of lavender sometimes immersing ourselves in the pleasures of talc and being able to dress different occasions of our life with the feelings of the holiday, forest, moss, fields of grain, of being together at Christmas.

What We Did:

  • Above the line consultancy (Content management & marketing strategies)
  • Below the line consultancy ( Branding,Reseller catalogue, Packaging, Adv pages)
  • Viral marketing
  • Personalized Prestashop e-commerce website.

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